Ipsum Utilities

About us

At Ipsum, we provide specialist infrastructure support services across the UK’s regulated water and energy companies, and private sector businesses.

We work alongside our customers to maintain, optimise, and develop their above and below ground assets to ensure security and resilience. 

Supported by our smart systems, innovative ways of working and cutting-edge technology, we ensure we deliver on time, on budget and above all safely.

Our values, our outcomes, and our ways of working; have led to long-standing relationships with our customers, giving Ipsum the reputation of being safe, trustworthy, and technically proficient.

Our Engineers

We have many long-term contracts and framework arrangements in place which are built upon great Customer Service, safe working practices and the ability to be agile and deploy specialist skill sets at short notice.

The growth of Ipsum has been built upon our people and our ability to meet the demanding and ever-changing needs of our customers.

The UK Utility sector is evolving and expanding to meet increasing customer demand, regulatory driven outcomes and to exploit new innovative technologies, at Ipsum we will continue to grow in this sector by being a reliable, flexible, and agile service partner that helps customers meet these new challenges.

As we know, utility service provision is not a 9am to 5pm business, our customers don’t switch off their networks or assets at night, or at the weekends, or on holidays, or when things are quiet. They need them to work round the clock – and we at Ipsum are right beside them 24/7 to make sure they do.


We pride ourselves in providing specialist scheduled maintenance services, being able to respond to an individual call-out or mobilise a onto a major upgrade project and that our customers can rely on Ipsum 24/7/365.