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Our design team are very experienced in UK power distribution and also been involved in build and construction in their careers so they are practical and pragmatic people. They are also experienced in anything from low voltage, single phase house services up to power station connections.

You will have a single point of contact throughout the design process. Your designer will always be contactable and needless to say he works for Ipsum: we don’t outsource design like some connection companies. We will maintain close contact with the designer and the project manager who will look after the build phase of your project.


We maintain excellent working relationships with the Distribution Network Owners who will be adopting the assets we design and install. It’s very important we do this to stay on top of their standards and specifications which are subject to occasional improvement and change – our approach eliminates the risk of design changes late in the process. We regularly attend their design workshops and also meet their senior managers on a regular basis to maintain this close contact and support.


We are accredited by Lloyds Register for all of our connection activities, including design.

Lloyds Register operate the National Electricity Registration Scheme (NERS) on behalf of the UK Distribution Network Operators (DNOs). As part of an ongoing process to introduce competition to the electrical service market, Lloyds performed a technical assessment of Ipsum and we secured accreditation for contestable works associated with the installation of electrical connections. Now accredited, we are commonly known as an Independent Connection Provider (ICP).

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We think there is real benefit to our customers by carrying out all installation work using in-house resources.

We are not reliant on sub-contractors. We know all of our staff, what they are capable of and we know where they are every day. We control their safety, their quality and their availability.

Our staff who are all directly employed and fully authorised for connection activity. These include:

Ipsum power installation experience extends to the following environments: