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high voltage network monitoring

Licenced network operators do experience faults on their electricity distribution networks, which result in Customer Interruptions (CIs) and Customer Minutes Lost (CMLs). Most CIs and CMLs are incurred on the high voltage network. Operators implement a number of measures to reduce the amount of CIs and CMLs incurred like remote control and automation. Prior to these technology advances, responding to 11kV network faults relied on operatives attending site to manually switch the network in distribution substations. This took time and increased the duration of CIs.

We have managed programmes of fitting brand new fully automated HV switchgear or the retro-fitting of actuators and communication devices to existing HV switchgear. This allows network control centre to sectionalise faulty networks and restore supplies to most customers very quickly. Our services include project management, management of pre- arranged supply interruptions, customer service, operational duties, excavation and reinstatement, plant installation, cable jointing and commissioning.