Ipsum Utilities

asset management software


Our trained and competent field crew’s maintenance inspections are uploaded in real-time into our Asset Inventory Management System – AIMS™. This enables customers and operations to access all inspection information as close to real-time as possible. All authorised users can view up to date information in our secure cloud-based platform.

Our crews carry out routine inspections of water authority assets using our app on their iPad. In some cases, these assets are high profile and of a critical nature including pipe bridges, Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) chambers, Penstocks, Detention Tanks and the like.

Our fleet includes Jetvac, Citiflex, Vanpack and specialist units. All our inspection vehicles are fully equipped and able to rectify most serviceability issues; root removal, degreasing, de-silting and CCTV surveys. As well as rectifying serviceability issues the real time reporting allows more serious issues to be avoided, such as pollutions and property flooding.